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Jenepher Raymond - Jenz

Lead Consultant


My Story

I love coming home to a relaxing fragrance that helps me unwind, very soothing and calming after a busy day! Do you wish when you come home, you would love to feel stress free, and unwind and feel on top of the world in a relaxing haven? I have always loved divine scents that remind me of different memories and always love coming home to a beautiful scent. I am so enjoying my Scentsy journey of meeting beautiful people and helping loyal customers with their fragrance choices. I am so lucky to work for this generous Company to fit in my hobbies, running, walking, and competing nationally in Rock N Roll dancing. Scentsy gives you the flexibility to enjoy the beautiful products, and gorgeous scents and be able to share your passion with others. If you are passionate like me to enhance the lives of others we need to chat. Please contact me I would love to introduce you to the big range of Scentsy. We are all about filling lives with fragrance. Thankyou I am looking forward to meeting you.

My Favourite Scents